The new name for the Continuously Variable Electronic Transmission (CVET) has been released in June 2015.  The new and technically descriptive name is now the '
4-Quad Mirrored Energy Transfer' (4QMET) transmission.

The 4QMET transmission is a revolutionary patented technology with large cost-cutting benefits to manufacturers and socially desirable "green" effects in the vast field of transportation. It is designed to enable gas powered, and electric powered vehicles to drive at highway driving fuel efficiency, under start/stop city driving conditions.

CVET POWER CORP. plans to manufacture 4QMET transmissions as well as license the 4QMET technology.

The 4QMET technology is patented in Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Israel, France, Germany, Great Britain, Eurasia, India, China, Japan and South Korea.

Patent protection means that the invention cannot be commercially made, used, distributed, imported, or sold by others without our consent.

CVET Power Corp. engaged the services of Maplesoft to simulate the 4QMET transmission technology.  The simulation successfully demonstrated and validated the fuel consumption reduction benefits of the 4QMET technology.  

The animation video of the 4QMET operation and the simulation results can be seen at the links below.

4QMET Video (High-Resolution)

4QMET Video

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