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The Electronic Transmission
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CVET Power Corp. introduces Continuously Variable
Electronic Transmission (CVET) technology.

Imagine a vehicle that operates at peak efficiency, whether at highway speeds or in the start/stop of city driving. Optimizing performance while reducing exhaust emissions, our electronic transmission is an eco-friendly solution that's efficient by design. CVET technology has the ability to help gas and diesel vehicles now. The time for change is long overdue. CVET technology will make the transition from gas and diesel vehicles to Electric Vehicles more ecologically friendly. CVET technology will extend the life between battery charge for Electric Vehicles, ensuring their growth in the economy. The need to implement environmentally friendly technology has long since passed. CVET technology is not only for our future, it is also for the present. The time to help our planet is now, and CVET technology is the answer. Click on the links below for more information.

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CVET: Lossless Transmission

Continuously Variable Electronic Transmission Technology.

CVET Transmission Technology for Peak Performance

Compact Passenger Vehicles to Cross-Country Transport Trucks
CVET is the only technology for electric or gas powered vehicles that enables electric motors or gas engines to always operate at their optimal energy efficient speed and torque and independently...

Learn How CVET Technology Works

Continuously Variable Electronic Transmission
The CVET transmission is a radically unique technology. It transforms rotary power from gas engines and electric motors at output speeds and torques as needed to drive a vehicle. CVET technology makes it possible to attain the highest efficiency of energy usage under all city and highway driving conditions. CVET technology produces lower gas consumption during both start/stop city driving and highway driving. CVET technology extends the driving distance between battery charging for Electric Vehicles. CVET technology offers a smooth transition from gas and diesel vehicles to Electric Vehicles. CVET technology accomplishes the lowest possible energy usage under all driving conditions.

Learn Why CVET Technology
is Superior

Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Energy
The CVET technology does not rely on external forces to control the output speed. While mechanical CVTs necessitate external application of mechanical forces to transfer ratios, the CVET technology simplicity ensures it to be highly efficient as possible. For EV's, CVET prolongs the life of the battery between charges. CVET technology does not require external power to control the transmission transfer ratio. This eliminates major sources of power loss. There are no friction surfaces or clutches necessary for operation. CVET design approaches the theoretically attainable levels of efficiency. CVET technology is simple and effective, designed to attain high levels of economical benefits.

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Our Vision and Goal
The vision of CVET Power Corp. is to become a leading source of transmissions for the globally distributed automotive industry. The adoption of CVET technology as the future of transmission systems will benefit not only the industry, but the environment. CVET technology can dramatically impact our ecological future through the reduction of carbon footprint in the automotive and other industries on a mass scale, impacting and reducing the rate of climate change.

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